On the Road, Thursday, August 4th

We had a wonderful night’s stay at the Hampton Inn in Junction City, KS. The room and bed were comfortable, the workout room was big and nice with large towels and the breakfast buffet had hot food.

I had decided on staying in Junction City for two reasons: 

  1. There are not many options for hotels and restaurants west of Junction City until you reach Colorado Sprimgs
  2. My cousins, Bill & Jim Oldham, were station at Ft. Riley from about 1979 to 1981 while in the U.S. Army. My aunt, Roseann Oldham – their mother, had never visited them while they were stationed at Ft. Riley. I thought that it would be nice for her to see the place where they had lived for a few years.

Junction City is your typical town located by a major military base. It is thriving because of the base and it’s downtown area is full of bars, restaurants, rental centers, pawn shops, etc.

North Washington Street, Junction City, KS Looking Towards Fort Riley

8th Street, Junction City, KS Looking West

The Corner of 8th & Washington Streets, Junction City, KS

Civil War Memorial, Heritage Park, Junction City, KS

Ft. Riley was established 1853. It was the headquarters of the United States Cavalry School  including  the famous Buffalo Soldiers. It is considered “ground zero” for the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. It is the headquarters of the “Big Red One”, the 1st Infantry Division.

We drove through part of Ft. Riley. The old part of the fort is made up of old limestone buildings and former stables. Roseann Oldham was amazed at the size of the fort and all of the old buildings on the old post.

We then headed west again on I-70. The vastness of the plains are mind-boggling.

Windmills on the Kansas plain.

Kansas Plain

Kansas Plain

Kansas Farm

Storm Clouds Forming East of Limon, CO

Rain on the Colorado Plain South of Limon

East of Limon, CO we drove into some heavy thunderstorms. Both sisters, Roseann Oldham & Emma Lancaster, were fascinated by the lightning, oohing and aahing as we drove into the storms.

We arrived at our Colorado Springs destination about 6:30pm. We will be here for 6 nights before staring our drive east to return home.

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